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Name Origin Meaning
Abelhard German Noble, ambitious
Afton English Dignified
Argus Greek Careful, bright
Cadwallader Welsh Battle leader
Casimir Slavonic News of peace
Currumbin Australian
Pine tree
Dagan East Semitic The earth
Danilo Spanish God is judge
Darshan Hindi Hindu god
Derain Australian
Devin Celtic The poet
Falco Latin Of the falcon
Farren Anglo-Saxon Wanderer
Flan Gaelic Red-haired
Gaius Latin To rejoice
Galen Greek Calm, tranquil
Greenlee English Enjoys the outdoors
Halden Scandinavian Half Danish
Holm Anglo-Saxon Island in the river
Hosea Hebrew Salvation
Ibu Japanese Creative
Isamu Japanese Brave, courageous
Ivar Scandinavian Archer
Jada Hebrew Jehovah knows
Jerara Australian
Falling water
Jett Anglo-Saxon Deep black gemstone
Kade Scottish Wetlands
Kadin Arabic Friend of God
Kado Japanese Gateway
Kael Gaelic Mighty warrior
Kai Welsh Keeper of the keys
Kavan Irish Handsome
Karsten Slavonic Christian
Kass German Blackbird
Kedar Arabic Powerful
Keelan Irish Slender
Keiji Japanese Joyous, happy
Kimball Anglo-Saxon Warrior chief
Kinta American
Korong Australian
Laban Hebrew White
Lilo Hawaiian Generous
Lisandro Greek Liberator of men
Menachen Hebrew Comforter
Moke Hawaiian Saved from the water
Nery Spanish Daring
Newlin Welsh Able
Ofer Hebrew Fawn
Ohin African Chief
Okal African To cross
Onni Finnish Happiness
Onofredo Italian Peaceful, strength
Orel Russian Eagle
Oreta Greek Virtue, excellence
Oringo African Huntsman
Oro Spanish Gold
Orrick English From the ancient oak tree
Osred English Divine counsellor
Othman German Wealthy
Otieno African Born at night
Ovadya Hebrew Serves God
Ozgur Turkish Free
Paco Spanish Free one
Payden English From the figter's valley
Paz Hebrew Gold, peace
Pellton English From settlement near pond
Penates Latin The inner ones
Quennel French From the little oak tree
Quillion Latin Sword
Quinby Norse From the woman's estate
Rad Anglo-Saxon Counsellor
Roone Anglo-Saxon Mystery
Shen Chinese Gentleman
Swithin Anglo-Saxon Strong
Tai Chinese Peaceful, in good health
Talan Arabic Nice, admirable
Tarak Hindi Protector
Tibor Hungarian Holy place
Trahan English Handsome
Tymon Greek Praise the Lord
Ull Norse Glory
Umi African Life
Ursel Latin Bear
Uzi Hebrew Strength
Vere Latin Faithful, true
Warra Australian
Xannon American Ancient god
Xanthus Greek Golden-haired child
Xyle American Helpful
Xylon Greek Forest


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